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I am here again with new and interesting news.We have started doing Engineering Projects at NSIC Technical Services Center – Rajkot,Gujrat,India.

We have grouped some recent projects that can benefit Engineering and school level students.If you have some nice idea or application that needs to be materialized,we are here to help you.We will provide you the platform , setup and equipments.You just need to put your energy and dream together.

Here is the tentative list of projects that are included:

1. Digitized Control for Trains Mobility.

2. Instantaneous Vehicle registration details extraction system (GSM based).

3. SMS based system (controlling body temperature.).

4. Gestures recognition technology based wireless surveillance bomb diffusion system.

5. GSM based Vehicle monitoring system and security system.

6. Wireless sensor n/w for Emission monitoring in Vehicles.

7. MEMS and GSM based ATM SECURITY system.

8. Using Data logger for monitoring of system performances.

9. Surveillance (Audio & Video capturing) Robots using RF communication.

10.BLUETOOHT Control of different devices/appliances.

11.Bomb and fire detection robots.

12.Controlling speeds of DC motors for different applications.

13.Adaptive Traffic control system.

14.Sun tracking solar system for efficient production by use of solar energy.

15.DTMF Based RF Remote Control System

16.GPS based Cab monitoring system

17. Injection pumps monitoring and controlling system.

18.Smart energy saving system.

19. Password Protection of different Appliances / Devices.

20.Electronic voting Machines (Microcontroller based).

21.GSM based Irrigation Water Pump Controller for Illiterates.

22.Microcontroller based virtual boundary/fencing for Wild Animals.

23.AMF panel(Auto mains failure control panel ) *

24. APFC panel Automatic Power factor control Panel

25.AC Device control Panel DC drive control

26.GSM/ GPS based data transferring

27.Logical control panel using various sensors, relay, SMPS, timer counters.

28.RC5 IR Based Remote Device Switching for Industrial purpose.

29. Wireless control of Home appliances.

30. Automatic speed controlling of DC motors.

31.Radio Frequency based wireless remote controlled digital camera with high Power focus LED.

32. Human counting system for Hall and theatres.

33.Transportation robots for industries.

34. Controlling different devices by sound activation.


36. I-Button and keypad based digital door lock system

37.Fire fighter and rescue robots.

38.Audio video conferencing using PC.

39.Water level indicator with logical two motor controls.

40. Safe Distance warning System.

41.PC controlled Robots for different applications.

42.Automatic speed control for Stepper motors.

43.Running Led Display Board, with preselected words or lines.

44. RF based home security system.

45.Toll gate operating system using RF technology.

46. Micro-controller PC driven moving message display on alpha-numeric LCD.

47. Mobile phone controlled intelligent Robot.

48. Solar cell based mobile phone battery charger.

49. Automatic Room Illumination Control.

50.Object counter for Bottle filling industries with Alpha Numeric LCD display

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