Atmega-32 based Development Board for Robotics & Embedded

Here i am presenting something interesting for you guys.This is Atmega-32 based development board.Its prominent features are:
Fig: Atmega-32-DIY_Silk Screen
  1. Micro controller :Atmega-32
  2. Communication Protocols : 
    1. Serial-RS232 communication 
    2. SPI communication
    3. I2C communication
  3. Power Supply : Battery(6V) / Adapter 6-12V
  4. Display : 16X2 LCD display with a POT for adjusting contrast. 
  5. I/O :
    1.  5 ADC channels for interfacing maximum  5 different sensors at a time
    2. 4 Tact switches for i/p
    3.  Motor driver(L293D) used for driving at-least 2 DC motors simultaneously or a Stepper Motor at a time with 3mm indicator LED for indicating left or right motion.
    4. Six O/p point with indicator LED for 12V driving capability 
    5. Buzzer
    6. Indicator LED(ON/OFF)
In this particular Development board i have not used External crystals, but it can be added on demand.
Some snap shots:
            Fig: Atmega-32-DIY_Bottom
            Fig: Atmega-32-DIY_Top
Usability: This  development board can be used for different applications as
   A : In ROBOTICS projects
   B : In EMBEDDED projects
   C : In any Automation projects as a dummy or test bench for further development 
If any one interested can contact me for the Schematics, Board and Gerber files and sample programs.


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