VB6 Sample Projects- Bluetooth home Automation

In this project Serial Bluetooth adapter was used which was to be controlled by laptop using hyper-terminal.

Instead of using Hyper-terminal since it is not for everyone i have used GUI which much easier to operate and still works wonder with the system as you can see here..

(Double Click to start the apps.)

                                                    (transmitting control letters ie. L, M  )

     (Transmitting Letters, their decimal value being displayed.)

 (Double clicking on Exit will take you out)

 If any one interested can reply me for the .exe file of this application.


Visual Basic 860565511811482609

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  1. May i have this source code, cause im learning today.
    please, i hope you email me for the source code or exe. thx

  2. thanks for interest in this project.Currently i am out of station.I will send u both source code and exe. It will be helpful for your project.So give me some time.

  3. Gostaria de estudar esse código, tenho projetos a desenvolver, poderia me enviar esse código fonte?

    Google Translator:
    I would like to study this code, you have projects to develop, could send me this source?

  4. @Roberto Santana Thanks for going through our blog. We.We would love to help you.This is old Project,we will have to search for its exe and code.Give us some time,will revert you back on your mail.We would appreciate if you keep it for educational purpose only,we DON'T DO COMMERCIALS.

    "Obrigado por ir através do nosso blog. We.We adoraria ajudar you.This é projeto antigo, teremos que procurar a sua exe e code.Give-nos algum tempo, irá reverter-lo de volta em seu mail.We apreciaria se você mantê-lo apenas para fins educacionais, Não fazemos publicidade."


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