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 http://ingenuitydias.blogspot.com/2012/06/vb6-sample-projects-desktop-calendar.htmlFor sometime now i have been working on VB6 coding and its utilization in developing GUI's for micro-controller based products like development boards and sometimes robots in different engineering environment.

Since any controller based product communicate with PC using RS232 communication protocols (General case,Individuals can choose no of options,Protocols, available to them. ) it is easy and advisable to use VB6 for GUI development for training and industrial purpose.


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I am going to post some working and tested examples to demonstrate.First of all the first project that i developed for the first time sometime ago while working on VB6.Every one has to start from somewhere and this was my starting point- Desk Top Calendar
(Double clicking will start the App. with welcome note )

        (Now you have the window you can place it anywhere on you screen)

          (To Stop the app you need to click the STOP Icon)

If any one interested can reply me for the .exe file of this application.


Visual Basic 1716796910557332261

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