Data Declarations And qualifiers - Embedded C Programming Frequently Asked Interview Questions

What is qualifiers In Embedded C Programming?

Qualifiers defines the property of the variable. Two qualifiers are const and volatile. The const type qualifier declares an object to be unmodifiable. The volatile type qualifier declares an item whose value can legitimately be changed by something beyond the control of the program in which it appears, such as a concurrently executing thread / interrupt

Explain Data Declarations In C Programming.

a) int a; // An integer
b) int *a; // A pointer to an integer
c) int **a; // A pointer to a pointer to an integer
d) int a[10]; // An array of 10 integers
e) int *a[10]; // An array of 10 pointers to integers
f) int (*a)[10]; // A pointer to an array of 10 integers
g) int (*a)(int); // A pointer to a function a that takes an integer argument and
returns an integer
h) int (*a[10])(int); // An array of 10 pointers to functions that take an integer
argument and return an integer

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