What happens When Interrupt Occurs - Sequence of events - Embedded C Programming Questions

Sequence of events:
  1. Foreground code is running, interrupts are enabled
  2. Interrupt event sends an interrupt request to the CPU
  3. After completing the current instruction(s), the CPU begins the interrupt response
  4. automatically saves current program counter
  5. automatically saves some status (depending on CPU)
  6. jump to correct interrupt service routine for this request
  7. ISR code saves any registers and flags it will modify
  8. ISR services the interrupt and re-arms it if necessary
  9. ISR code restores any saved registers and flags
  10. ISR executes a return-from-interrupt instruction or sequence
  11. return-from-interrupt instruction restores automatically-saved status
  12. return-from-interrupt instruction recovers saved program counter
  13. Foreground code continues to run from the point it responded to the interrupt

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