Proteus Circuit board layout

Proteus-Circuit board layout
Beta Layout Limited
Labcenter has combined with Beta-Layout Ltd to offer all our customers a cost effective and stress free means of getting PCBs manufactured.
A large part of the cost of manufacturing a PCB is the 'setup cost' - the time and effort involved in setting up the manufacturing process prior to manufacturing the board. For a one-off PCB this is a significant overhead.
Beta-Layout's innovative PCB Pool service allows board designs from several customers to be optimally combined and manufactured as a single, large board which is then cut up after manufacture. As only one board is actually manufactured there is only one setup cost and this is divided out amongst all the customers thus reducing the cost of manufacture to each customer.
Note that, despite this cost sharing principal, the price charged by Beta-Layout is based on a fixed price per dm² and not on the number of pool participants.
Beta-Layout are now able to accept Labcenter Electronics layout (.LYT) files and will produce all the necessary CADCAM files themselves.

Circuit Express Limited

Circuit Express are a efficient and knowledgeable UK-based PCB manufacturer that specialises in fast turnaround PCB manufacture.
Board layouts must be supplied in Gerber and Excellon formats making their service only suitable for Proteus Professional users.
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