Embedded programming-Micro controller based Systems

Embedded programming is for the computer programming that is in and operates the great many computer-controlled devices that surround us in our homes, cars, workplaces and communities. As a rule,it may be said micro controller programming is embedded programming, but not all embedded programming is micro controller programming. 
For every desktop or notebook or tablet computer you have, you may have a dozen or more (perhaps a great deal more) micro controllers quietly doing their embedded duty, and with these devices many people don’t even realize they involve a tiny computer running a program. 
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Micro-controllers add intelligence to countless devices and systems, enabling those devices and systems to operate better, faster, more safely, more efficiently, more conveniently, more usefully, and in many cases allowing the very existence of devices and systems that could not be built otherwise. 

Spend some time looking around you and trying to recognize where μCs are working, and you will begin to get a sense of how ubiquitous they have become since their invention some 40+ years ago.

Key Points in Embedded Programming
Code Speed - Timing constraints, limited proc. power
Code Size - Limited memory, power, physical space
Programming Methods
Machine Code
Low level language - Assembly
High level language - C, C++, Java
Application level language - Visual Basic, scripts, Access

Why use C in embedded programming?

Fairly efficient
Provides an additional level above assembly programming
Supports access to I/O
Ease of management of large embedded projects
Why use assembly?
High speed, low code size
However, difficult to do a large project in assembly

Some examples of embedded systems are: 

  1. Alarm / security system 
  2. Automobile cruise control 
  3. Heating / air conditioning thermostat 
  4. Microwave oven 
  5. Anti-skid braking controller 
  6. Traffic light controller 
  7. Vending machine 
  8. Gas pump 
  9. Handheld Sudoku game 
  10. Irrigation system controller 
  11. Multicopter 
  12. Oscilloscope 
  13. Mars Rover
  14. And Much More.............


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