MS Excel Secrets - Continuously Stream Data from a Web Site in Excel

1. Open Excel 2000, and from the Data menu, select Get External Data, and then New Web Query.

2. In the Enter the address box, paste the full address of the Web site. For example, open the site, which includes a table of various currency exchange rates. The address of the page containing the table of currency exchange rates is

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3. Click Save Query, and type a name for the query.

4. Click Save, and then click OK.

5. In the Returning External Data to Microsoft Excel dialogue box, click OK.

To refresh the Internet data (the Web site does not have to be open):

1. Select the cell in the sheet containing the data.

2. From the Data menu, select Refresh Data.
Display the External Data toolbar and click the Refresh Data icon. To display the External Data tool bar, select one of the tool bars, right-click and select External Data, and click OK.

To automatically refresh the Internet data:

1. On the External Data toolbar, click the Data Range Properties icon.

2. Select the Refresh every option, and set the number of minutes between each refresh action.

3. Select the Refresh data on file open check-box to automatically refresh the data when the file is opened.

To run a saved query:

1. From the Data menu, select Get External Data, and then Run Saved Query.

2. Select the saved query, and click Get Data.


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