MS Excel Secrets - Conversions Between Different Measurements

In the process of helping someone from another country,You had to figure out some exchanges between our American standard of measure and the Metric system. Since you do not have all of those conversions memorized. 

If you have ever had to convert miles to kilometers, inches to centimeters, or Fahrenheit degrees to Celsius degrees then Excel can help you, too.

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For Excel 2007/2010 users, click the Office Button in 2007 (or File tab in 2010) > Click Excel Options button > Click Add-Ins on the left > Click on Analysis ToolPak from list > Make sure Excel Add-Ins is selected in the Manage box > Click Go.

Click to put a check mark in the box next to Analysis Toolmaker and then click OK to return to your worksheet.

For Excel 2003 (or earlier) users, Go to the Tools menu > Select Add-Ins > Select the Analysis Toolmaker check box > Click OK.

Then, you can use the Excel functions to do the conversions. For example, if you want to convert 2 1/2 pounds to kilograms, use the following Excel function: =CONVERT(2.5, “lbm”, “kg”) Your answer should be 1.133981. To find the kilogram equivalent of 1 pound, just replace 2.5 in the formula with 1.0, which should yield a result of 0.453592. For a complete list of measurement unit conversions available in Excel, visit the following Microsoft

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