MS Excel Secrets - #REF! - Invalid Cell Reference Errors

Invalid cell reference errors occur when a spreadsheet formula contains incorrect cell references. 

This happens most often when:
  1. Columns or rows containing data used in the formula are accidentally deleted.
  2. A formula has been moved or copied to another cell and the cell references are incorrect.
  3. Data used in a formula has been moved, leaving the function or formula with incorrect cell references
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  1. Use the undo feature to recover lost data
  2. If the data cannot be recovered, re-enter the data and adjust the cell references if needed
  3. Correct the cell references for formulas that have been copied or moved
  4. Correct the cell references for formulas when the data has been moved


REF Error 8130024316647128324

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  1. #Ref is a common thing and usually happens when we delete rows and columns without taking care of cells which point to them.

    Very useful post. Keep up the good work!

    1. Thanks for Your Feedback.We try our best for continuous improvement of this blog-log.


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