MS Excel Secrets - SUMIF Formula

SUMIF formula is very versatile and can provide solution for many business needs. Let’s say that you have a couple of columns. You would like to look up items in Column A based on a certain criteria. When the item in Column A matches that criteria, then you want Excel to SUM up the number in Column B.

For example, you have a list of people in different office locations in column A. 

In column B, you have their sales for the month.

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You can have Excel add up the sales amounts for a certain location, like “Delhi” office location. The formula is =SUMIF(A:A,”=Delhi”,B:B) 

The first part “A:A” tells Excel to evaluate the entire column A. The next part “=Delhi” lets Excel know to look for items in column A that match the text string “Delhi”. The third part “B:B” says that Excel should sum up the Delhi numbers from Column B. Try it out yourself. Type in cities in column A and numbers in column B. Then, use the formula to see how it works! Whichever items in column A are Delhi, then its corresponding number in column B should be added.

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