Learning Microsoft Visual Basic 2008/10/13 Must Follow Rules

There are effective ways to learn a a computer programming language in Visual Basic. You must know your own reasons for learning Visual Basic.

Why are you learning Visual Basic? 

What is your purpose. Be specific to yourself. Generally speaking, people learn computer programming languages so that they can develop their own systems or software applications to sell on-line to the people all over the world, or to companies or firms. Many people learn Visual Basic to get a job in a company where they have to work using Visual Basic. And some people learn Visual Basic for research work. There may even be other purposes.

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If you're learning Visual Basic to achieve the ability to develop your own software then only going through books and online tutorials will not help you. You first read the books and tutorials. Thus you're only acquiring knowledge, not skills. Knowledge and skills are not the same things. Knowledge when applied becomes your skills. So you need to apply your programming knowledge to gain skills required to develop a software.

Effective ways to learn Visual Basic.The following ways can help you learn Visual Basic most effectively.

1. Online tutorials

Online tutorials can help you learn the basic things quickly. They do not surely teach you each and every details of the programming language. But they help you start to learn a new programming language. Online tutorials are good for absolute beginners.

2. Books

Reading books is the established way to not only learn a programming language but to learn anything. Though there are many ways in this modern age, but books are always the best friends for the learners. When you read a book to learn Visual Basic, you come to know almost every detail of the language. Each and every topic is explained in great details. There are really many books on Visual Basic. There are books for beginners, for the intermediate and advanced learners and even for the professionals.

3. Making sample applications
After learning from books and online tutorials, you should make applications of your own. You have to code to implement those things you've learned from books and online tutorials. At the start, you should not attempt to make any complex or large applications. But you should focus on making very small sample applications. Making your own sample programs increases your interest in the language. You'll be excited to discover the programmer inside you. So after learning each topic from online tutorials or books, try to make one or two samples.

4. Learning from others' code
Reading others' code is another great way to learn very effectively. When you read the code of any sample program or real life project written by anyone, may be your friend, or any professional programmer, you come across many new features of the language as well as many new and different techniques to perform a particular task. Thus you discover different ways to do one thing. There are plenty of sample programs online. This site also has several sample applications. Download them and try to learn from them.

5. YouTube videos
Video tutorials are great ways to learn certain things especially the database techniques. When you want to learn the techniques to connect your project to different databases like MS Access or Oracle, and how to work with them, video tutorials are great ways that show you step by step how to work with the database.

6. Taking a course or private tutor
Taking a certificate or diploma course can help you greatly. You can show your problems to the teachers of the institute or to your private tutor.


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