Cloud Computing and Networks Basics Tutorials

What is Cloud?
The term Cloud refers to a Network or Internet. In other words, we can say that Cloud is something which is present at remote location. Cloud can provide services over network i.e. on public networks or on private networks i.e. WAN, LAN or VPN.
Applications such as e-mail, web conferencing, customer relationship management (CRM), all run in cloud.

What is Cloud Computing?
Cloud Computing refers to manipulating, configuring, and accessing the applications on-line. It offers on-line data storage, infrastructure and application.

We need not to install a piece of software on our local PC and this is how, the cloud computing overcomes platform dependency issues. Hence, the Cloud Computing is making our business application mobile and collaborative.

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Cloud Computing Technologies-
There are certain technologies that are working behind the cloud computing platforms making cloud computing flexible, reliable, usable. These technologies are listed below:
  1. Virtualization
  2. Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA)
  3. Grid Computing
  4. Utility Computing
  5. Cloud Computing Architecture
The Cloud Computing architecture comprises of many cloud components, each of them are loosely coupled. we can broadly divide the cloud architecture into two parts:
  • Front End
  • Back End
Each of the ends are connected through a network, usually via. Internet. The following diagram shows the graphical view of cloud computing architecture:

Cloud Deployment Models-Following are the cloud deployment models:
  1. Public Cloud Model
  2. Private Cloud Model
  3. Hybrid Cloud Model
  4. Community Cloud Model
Who are the top 100 Cloud Service Providers (CSPs) for 2014, according to Talkin' Cloud? Here are CSP companies ranked 25 to 1
25mindSHIFT Technologies, Inc.Mona AbutalebPresident and Chief Executive Officer
24VirtustreamRodney RogersCEO
23Liaison TechnologiesBob RennerCEO
22Ingram Micro Inc.Nimesh DaveEVP, Cloud Computing, Ingram Micro Inc.
21Tech Data CorporationBob DutkowskyCEO
20iomart Group plcAngus MacSweenCEO
19Carbonite Inc.David FriendCEO
18Computer Services, Inc. (CSI)Steve PowlessCEO
17IntermediaPhil KoenCEO
16Claranet LtdCharles NasserCEO
15LogMeIn, Inc.Michael SimonCEO
14D+HBill NevillePresident
13DropBoxDrew HoustonCEO
12ArkadinOlivier de PuymorinCEO and founder
11NetSuiteZach NelsonCEO
10RackspaceGraham WestonCEO
9WorkdayAneel BhursriCEO
8Citrix SystemsMark TempletonCEO
7Google (Cloud/Enterprise)Larry PageCEO
6SAPBill McDermottCEO
5Oracle (cloud IaaS)Larry EllisonCEO
4Microsoft (online services division)Satya NadellaCEO
3Amazon Web ServicesJeff BezosCEO
2Salesforce.comMarc BenioffCEO
1IBM (cloud revenues)Ginni RomettyCEO


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