Structures Unions Enumeration - FlowControl in C Interview Questions for Engineering Students

1.) What do the 'c' and 'v' in argv stands for? a.) 'c' means argument control 'v' means argument vector...

C Programming Storage Classes Interview Questions Basics Viva Tutorials

1.Longevity of a variable refers to a) The duration for which the variable retains a given value during the execution of a program.  b...

Variable Function Structure Pointer C Programming Interview Questions Basics Viva Tutorials

1.) Smallest element of array's index is called a.) lower bound b.) upper bound c.) range d.) Extraction ANSWER: a.) lower bou...

Programming - C Viva Questions for Engineering Freshers Basics Tutorials

1.) Which among the following is odd one out? a.) printf b.) fprintf c.) putchar d.) scanf ANSWER: d.) scanf 2.) For a typical ...

Embedded C Programming Twenty Interview Questions Basics Viva Tutorials

1.) Trace the output of the code #include  void foo(int*); int main() { int i = 10; foo((&i)++); } void foo(int *p) { prin...

Interrupt DMA and Watchdog Timer Embedded Interview Questions Basics Tutorials

How does the interrupt architecture works? Interrupt architecture allows the use of interrupt by the processor whenever an Input/output i...

C Programming Interview Questions Basics Viva Tutorials

1.) If every node u in G is adjacent to every other node v in G, A graph is said to be a.) isolated b.) complete c.) finite d.) str...

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