Arrays And Pointer in C Programming -Job Interview Frequently Asked Question

Collection of most Frequently Asked Question for Array and Pointer in C Programing in Practical viva in Engineering or job interview to a...

Files and Preprocessors in C - Viva Interview for Engineering Freshers Basics Tutorials

1.Identify the token pasting operator? a)+ b)++ c)# d)## ANSWER: D 2.What is the value of CAR in the following Statement? enum ve...

Strings In C Programming Interview Exam Questions Answers For Engineering Graduates

1.What would be the output of the following program? main() { char *str[] = {“Frog”,”Do”,”Not”, “Die.”,”They”,”Croak!”}; printf(“%d %...

Interview Questions Loop C Programming For Enginnering Students Basics Viva Tutorials

1.Which is the correct statement? a) Printf(“Maximum = %d\n”, (x.y) ? x : y); b) Printf( “%s\n”, (mark >= 60) ? “First class” : ...

Structures And Unions C Programming Interview Questions- Basics Viva Tutorials

1.A bit field is a) A pointer variable in a structure. b) One bit or a set of adjacent bits within a word c) A pointer variable in ...

Placement Questions C Operators Viva Interview for Engineering Freshers Basics Tutorials

1.Which of the following is not a compound assignment operator? a) /= b) += c) %= d) ==  ANSWER: d) == 2.What will be the out...

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