TURBO C/C++: Installer and Installation - Getting Started Answers to Common Questions

This post is for beginners who are either trying to use Turbo C/C++ for programming. Some frequently encountered problem and theirs solu...

Variables Pointer Array And Files - C Programming Questions For Job Interview

1. How will you change the value of a constant variable in C? Answer:  Constant can be changed by using the pointer. Initialize a pointe...

Arrays Linked List Sorting Wild Pointer Job Interview Questions For Embedded C

1. What are the differences between Arrays and Linked List Answer:- Arrays and Linked list both are list data structures used for main...

Function Argument Variables In C Programming Job Interview Question and Answers

1. What is the purpose of main() function? Answer:- main() is the user-defined function. main() is the first function in the program, wh...

Storage Classes in C - Types And Classification Languages Programming Tutorials

Storage Classes in C-A storage class defines the scope (visibility) and life time of variables and/or functions within a C Program..Two ...

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